Logo on a navy background. The logo says Keyser Rethink Risk.

Keyser’s bold asterisk communicates a level of playful confidence, assuring their audience to embrace life’s adventures.

Various color combinations for the Keyser logo on white and black backgrounds.
Color palette for Keyser including primary, secondary, and tiertiary colors.
Collage of images showcasing the brand guide. The left image is an open pamphlet and the page says Visual Identity. The right image includes various pages from the brand guide.

The new, quirky sensibility rethinks risk and goes where no other insurance company branding has gone before.

Collage of images showing the marketing design. The left image is a billboard that says "Insurance Making You Nervous? Read the fine print." with a pug on the left. The right images include a poster of a body builder with the "Covered?" phrase over his waist. The bottom image shows an ice cream cone stacked with scoops and the word "Risky" over it.
Zoom in of a magazine spread. The page is an image of an ice cream cone with a tall amount of ice cream scoops and the word, "Risky?" written on top of it.
Fence wrap showing 2 different designs. The left wrap says "Lets talk about coverage." The right wrap says, "Dare to be different. Keyser." Different is crossed out and replaced with Keyser.
Billboard that says, "Dare to be different. Keyser." Different is crossed out and replaced with Keyser. Yellow baseball cap image on the right that has the Keyser asterisk brand on.

“At the end of our first meeting with Circa I said, ‘We want to work with someone who cares about our brand as much as we do.’ That is one hundred percent what we got with Circa.”

Chris Fisher
CEO, Keyser

Blue truck with the Keyser asterisk on the side, and the Keyser logo.

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