Zoom in of a folded brochure of the JA event honoring Butch Spyridon
Mood board compilation of screen print style post cards and vintage letterpress elements

Pulling inspiration from concert tickers and letterpress posters, specifically those from the historic Hatch Show Print in Nashville, this visual direction was full of bright color, bold typography, and texture.

Folded invitation with Butch Spyridon's photo on a dark wood background
Folded invitation with Butch Spyridon's photo on top of an unfolded version of the invitation
Folded brochure with Butch Spyridon's image on top of unfolded brochures
Photo of the Butch Spyridon brochure with table setting from the event in the background

“Holy smokes! You know you’re a big deal when you get something like this in your mailbox.”

Damon Hininger

President & CEO of CoreCivic

Damon Hininger holding up the unfolded invitation
Butch Spyridon poster in a frame next to a lamp
Butch Spyridon poster, invitation, and brochure suite on a dark wooden background with letterpress type next to it

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