Armistead logo brand on top of a green paper background
Photo collage of generations of the Short Family
Animation of stamps created by organic materials
Slice of potato being used as a stamp for organic design elements

Organic, stamp-based art 
and earthy tones that evoke authenticity and a connection 
to simpler times.

Stamp logo iterations on a white paper with organic shadows above
Armistead logo identities showing variations of the logo and logo icon

The name Armistead acknowledges a revered ancestor of the Short family while capturing the essence of a ‘town’ (‘stead’)—reflecting both the farm’s heritage and its community-driven spirit.

Brand Identity Guidelines cover page on top of a collage of all guideline pages
Color palette for Armistead
Font systems for Armistead using the fonts P22 Mackinac and Mulish
Collage of illustrative elements for the Armistead brand
Collage of products branded for Armistead
Collage showing two people hugging and a tote bag branded for Armistead

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