Staci Gibson

Strategy Director


With over ten years of CRM and email marketing knowledge, Staci Gibson is a multi-faceted source of creative expertise. Formerly serving CPG brands for Kellogg’s, MorningStar Farms, Unilever, and more, she’s passionate about personalized marketing and is eager to deliver omni-channel strategy to Circa’s clients. She worked previously for the global agency VMLY&R and the more local advertising company Biggs|Gilmore Communications, which enjoyed an iconic reputation in the Midwest for decades. 

She got her BFA degree in Sculpture (how’s that for versatility?) from Western Michigan University and continued to study animation and motion graphics at the Center for New Media, part of Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

Staci started at Circa in early 2019 and has served in multiple roles on the team such as Creative Director, Marketing Director, and her present title, Strategy Director.

When not working (which is basically never, she works harder and longer than most humans and probably a fair amount of hive-minded insects or those industrial machines that make 140 ice cream sandwiches per minute all day long), Staci is a dynamic storyteller who enjoys stop-motion animation (think Fantastic Mr. Fox or those old Rankin/Bass holiday specials), vegetables, uniquely-flavored lattes (lavender, rosemary, cardamom, etc.), and the very specific je ne sais quoi humor of ill-fitting, dangly socks.