Sonya Watson

Creative Director


Before taking her design director post at Circa in November 2019 (she is based in Circa’s Greenville, SC studio), Sonya’s work experience consisted of several years as senior art director for DVL Seigenthaler and as senior designer at Freedom Forum First Amendment Center and Barnes & Co., all located in Nashville. Through her time at these jobs, she garnered Addy, Parthenon, Print Magazine, and Telly awards recognizing excellent work in the realms of advertising, branding, design, public relations, and film production. She studied graphic design at Appalachian State University and Savannah College of Art and Design earning BS and MFA degrees, respectively.

Sonya is dedicated to creating branding that is authentic and established through a collaborative journey. She likes to ascribe the Norwegian word “standhaftighet” to this process. It literally means perseverance but “standhaftighet” just rolls off the tongue, you know?

In her free time, Sonya can be found in her a-frame home nestled within the mountains of South Carolina, most likely sipping a glass of wine and watching an unending stream of true crime programming. She is accompanied by her cat, Poppy, her puppy, Susie, and a tenacious raccoon that seems to have taken a shine to her. For the sake of clarity, it’s worth mentioning that the raccoon lives outside (as of yet).