Two Twins

Lifestyle Libations


Two Twins was born from a combination of two vices—coffee and booze. Mack Chrisman envisioned more than the typical coffee shop and needed a brand built to scale.


The strong logo-mark and messaging plays with their rough-rider, pick-your-poison imagery. We were able to meet their specific vision by channeling their inspiration into something new. The end result is an identity that meets their current ambitions but also gives them room to flex their brand.


  • Logo
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Foundation & Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Website homepage
  • Illustration VISUAL DIRECTION
Full Commission
Dark blue, blue, light blue, light peach, light green, and light tan color palette squares
“Trying to navigate the world of brand development is difficult. Especially on your own. That’s why we sought help from the professionals. Circa was able to distill all of our influences down to a truly unique and cohesive structure that not only represents who we are but where we want to go from here.”

— Mack Chrisman, Owner

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